Essential Oils for the West Nile Virus

by Julie Behling-Hovdal on August 27, 2012

Real Solutions from Mother Nature

mosquito Essential Oils for the West Nile Virus

Have you ever been bit by a mosquito?  These days — get bit by a mosquito and there might be some concern over the latest high-profile outbreak, West Nile Fever.  2012 has been a peak year for this illness with 1,118 cases and 41 reported deaths as of late August, a large majority of which took place in Texas. Experts expect more cases to continue through September.

The West Nile Virus is believed to be carried by mosquitoes, and outbreaks occur as mosquito populations swell.  The majority of people infected with the virus experience no symptoms at all.  According to the Mayo Clinic, about 20% of people infected will develop West Nile Fever with possible symptoms including fever, body aches and pains, swollen lymph glands, headache, and eye pain.  Roughly 1 in 150 people who get the virus develop neurological symptoms as the virus goes through the blood-brain barrier causing inflammation of the brain, convulsions, coma, and possibly death.  There is currently no pharmaceutical cure for the West Nile Virus.

Therapeutic-grade essential oils may be ideal medicines for anyone who becomes ill with West Nile Fever.  There are essential oils that have powerful anti-viral properties, an ability to reduce pain and fever, and even go through the blood-brain barrier (unlike drugs) to fight infection and inflammation for severe cases.

Along with a few nutritional supplements, a healthy lifestyle that produces a healthy immune system, and protecting oneself from mosquito bites, here are the best answers I am aware of to help with any variation of West Nile Fever.  Of course, if you have any symptoms of a severe nature I also highly recommend seeing a doctor immediately.

 Nature’s Remedies for West Nile Fever

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One of my favorite things about Mother Nature’s medicines is that there is never just one substance that can help with any given issue.  Nature is bountiful with solutions for so many of our ills.  For best results in dealing with a potentially life-threatening illness as West Nile Fever, I recommend using multiple oils.  This will shock the virus and make it much more difficult for it to replicate and sicken its host.

Anti-Viral Essential oils

Use Thieves, Raindrop Oils (oregano, thyme, Valor), *Immupower, frankincense, and/or lemon on swollen glands, on the feet and spine, and several drops in homemade capsules diluted with olive oil.

To jump start the immune system, do the Raindrop technique daily for 3 days in a row and then once every week or two.  Be careful with “hot” oils such as oregano and thyme and dilute them with a carrier oil before applying to sensitive areas such as the neck.

Essential Oils for the Brain

If neurological symptoms appear, or to potentially preempt neurological symptoms such as convulsions, delirium, disorientation, partial paralysis, and other issues caused by inflammation in the brain due to the virus, use frankincense, Brain Power, *Clarity, and/or vetiver along with some peppermint oil.   Apply a few drops on the temples, forehead, and base of skull as well as the tips of the big toes.   Also, put one drop each of frankincense and peppermint on the thumb and place the thumb in the mouth, resting on the roof of the mouth.

Digestive Symptoms

For any kind of digestive symptoms, use peppermint and/or Di-Gize diluted in homemade capsules, in a glass of water, or applied directly over the belly and bottoms of feet.


Peppermint oil is my top pick for reducing fever.  Just apply 1-2 drops to the arches of the feet.  A little reflexology can also help.  Press on the pituitary reflex (on the big toes where all the whirls come together) a couple of times every 15 minutes until the fever is down.

Headache & Body Aches

Use the oils and supplements recommended for getting rid of the virus.  Also, peppermint oil or PanAway may be diluted in a carrier oil 20/80 and gently massaged over areas of discomfort.

Eye Pain

Supplement with *Super C or another high-quality Vitamin C to help the body clear the virus and to help with eye pain.

Other Immune-Boosting Supplements & Practices

NingXia Red, *Sulfurzyme, garlic, a probiotic such as Life 5, and lemon oil in water can also be enormously helpful to the body in fighting off this and any other virus.

Last But Not Least …

Be sure to use avoid mosquito bites by using a good insect repellent (I like our Purification oil), getting rid of standing water, wearing long sleeves and long pants, and if mosquitoes are bad staying indoors between dusk and dawn.

Please be sure to read my previous article on natural solutions for pandemics such as whooping cough for more ideas on the building blocks for a healthy immune system — the most important key to prevention.

Products with an *asterick are available HERE.


 Testimonials –

“In June 2009 my husband was bit by a mosquito carrying the West Nile Virus (WNV). He became very sick, pain every where: bones, headaches, teeth. Also severe stomach pain, cramping and diarrhea.

Once it was confirmed that he had WNV he increased his NingXia Red to 8oz per day, Thieves was applied to the feet, *Egyptian Gold applied to the spine 3 times a day. He rubbed Di-Gize on his stomach and ingested 10 drops in a glass of water each day.

After some time on this regimen all symptoms were gone and have not returned. As a diabetic he already had a compromised immune system, so his recovery was speedy considering how dangerous WNV can be.”

- Linda E., NM

“I went to my doctor last week and had some testing done…I had been REALLY sick! I could barley hold my head up, high fever, I mean really sick! I was ‘diagnosed’ with West Nile Virus.

I came home and felt overwhelmingly prompted to drink some Ningxia Red…so I took a big swig right out of the bottle…and went to bed. I only got up to go to the bathroom and to the fridge…for more juice and water. And by day’s end I had consumed the WHOLE LITER of Ningxia Red!

One more day in and out of bed…and by the end of the day on Tuesday I was feeling a bit better…but still felt like my head and muscles had been replaced with molten steel! Wednesday morning, I opened the last liter of Ningxia Red in the house…and by day’s end had consumed a SECOND LITER. Man, was I feeling decadent, but I was feeling OVERWHELMINGLY prompted to drink it, almost like I could not control myself!

So…long story short…by the time I woke up Thursday morning, I was BETTER, and I don’t mean FEELING better…I mean ALL BETTER!!! No aches, no headache, no fever…no MUSCLE PAIN! I KNOW that it was the juice! I took NO other oils or supplements other than 2000 mg of Vitamin c each day! I was just too tired and weak! You just DON’T beat WNV in three days of treatment! (Unless you have Ningxia Red!) What a supportive product!!!”

- Jessica W., AZ

“Last spring/summer I had three mosquito bites on my knee and two days later I became so sick it put me in bed for nine days. I have never been that sick. I started to fill capsules with 6 drops frankincence, 6 drops lemon, 6 drops thyme, 6 drops oregano and 12 drops peppermint. For the first day I took it every two hours and then decreased the capsules as I started to feel better, ending up taking 1 or 2 capsules per day. This recipe I got at the Mona Farm and they said that they use it at the clinic. I know that was the only thing that kept me from going to the emergency room. I am not sure if it was flu or west nile virus but it was bad.”

- Sanoma M., UT


in the leaves 3 web b Essential Oils for the West Nile VirusJulie Behling-Hovdal is a reflexologist/holistic healer and founder of Essential Survival where she teaches people how to prepare for the #1 cause of death in the event of an economic collapse — lack of access to medicines.  In 2005 Julie was able to get off 4 prescription drugs and heal from a 6-year stint of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia with products from Young Living Essential Oils. Get a copy of her free report “Fast Track Survival Medicines” at


Statements made about the essential oils that come in the Essential Oil Survival Kit and other products offered by Essential Survival have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician.

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I have a friend that has kidney problems. Doctors dont know why but he continues to lose kidney function. His kidneys are down to 26% function. Do you know of any oils or supplements that may help?

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