Frankincense — Medicine for Wise Men & Women

by Julie Behling-Hovdal on December 2, 2012

What is Science Revealing About This Ancient Wonder?

frankincense tree Frankincense    Medicine for Wise Men & Women

Thousands of years ago, demand for frankincense influenced the development of international trade and shipbuilding.  Harvested from specific trees in remote deserts in Somalia, Oman, and Yemen, frankincense was transported far and wide to Egypt, China, Japan, and Europe where royalties enjoyed its many benefits and several religious traditions used it in sacred ceremonies.

frankincense resin Frankincense    Medicine for Wise Men & Women

What did the ancients know about frankincense that made it one of the most prized commodities in the history of the world?  Frankincense is used by people today for such things as natural skin care, depression and anxiety, inflammation, cancer, and even communion with the infinite!  And here’s the good news — a number of studies on frankincense reveal that the 3 Wise Men have been right all along — frankincense appears to have almost magical properties that have wide-ranging, health-promoting activity in the body.

Frankincense for Healthy Skin

Today, men and women alike prize frankincense oil for its ability to improve the appearance of the skin, smooth wrinkles, and reverse sun damage.  Preliminary research on frankincense for the skin concurs that it may be helpful in healing sun-damaged skin.

Frankincense for Depression & Anxiety

Can sniffing or applying an essential oil cure depression?  Maybe.  A recent study shows that frankincense has significant antidepressant activity in mice, as well as helping to reduce pain and depression in terminal cancer patients when applied via hand massage.

Frankincense for Pain & Inflammation

As it turns out, terminal cancer patients aren’t the only people who may benefit from the pain-relieving properties of frankincense oil.  Research shows that frankincense oil has significant anti-inflammatory effects, and may be useful in treating arthritis and any number of other illnesses related to chronic inflammation.

Frankincense Cancer Research

In our world today, we are witnessing an epidemic of cancer.  Whether the epidemic is caused by poisons in the environment, or people are just living longer and getting cancer as a result, nobody can deny the huge toll cancer is taking on individuals and families in every community.  And with the expense, side effects, and challenge of treating cancer conventionally, who wouldn’t be thrilled to discover that frankincense essential oil is showing itself to be an extremely promising anti-cancer agent!?

Research shows that components of frankincense oil called boswellic acids have an anti-tumor effect on the following types of cancer cells, causing them to implode –

Boswellic acids also appear promising to help with multiple myeloma, and have general anti-cancer properties.

In summary, frankincense oil:

  • Is toxic only to cancer cells (unlike chemotherapy that kills healthy cells too),
  • Causes cancer cells to implode through “apoptosis”, the best way for cancer cells to go
  • Shrinks tumors in preliminary research with animals,
  • Helps the body heal from all types of cancer in clinical data,
  • Helps to prevent cancer — using it appears to lower risk of cancer,
  • Can be safely used aromatically, topically, as well as internally (if using therapeutic-grade frankincense).


Tap in to the wisdom of the ages in preserving your health and well-being with our therapeutic-grade frankincense oil.  Not all frankincense oil is created equal. Get tried, true, and proven deal with our Young Living frankincense — the very frankincense used in many of these studies!!

Frankincense large1 Frankincense    Medicine for Wise Men & Women

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money back guaranteed1 Frankincense    Medicine for Wise Men & Women


Testimonials –

“At first we thought our 7 year old, 10 lb., mini-dachshund had been stung when the side of her face/muzzle began to swell up. Then we thought maybe a bad tooth needed to be removed. However, in July, 2005, 3 out of 4 Veterinarians told us it was an inoperable tumor on her jaw that would eventually grow into her sinuses, and we would be lucky if she lived until Dec. I started using Dr Young’s protocol of alternating Frankincense & Tsuga for 3 days, then Frankincense & Ledum for 3 days, then Frankincense & Lavender for 3 days, then Frankincense & Clove for 3 days, then starting over. I mixed the oils with olive oil & applied them to the tumor in her mouth, rubbed the oils on the tips of her ears & down her spine. Here it is May, 2006, the tumor has shrunk and she is a very happy, playful doxie.”

Marlene K., DE

For many years my beautiful daughter had struggled with depression. After taking Lexapro, Adderol, etc. for years, she had had enough with the pharmaceutical roller coaster. I suggested she attempt putting Frankincense on the bottoms of her feet daily. She began doing that immediately and has been able to get off of all medications. She has now relied upon Frankincense alone for many months (6-7) and is feeling happier and healthier than ever before.

Carolyn A., OK

“I would like to share my husband’s testimony regarding frankincense. He developed a sore on the back of his neck which quickly became a lump. He agreed to let a physician look at it, and was told that he needed to see a dermatologist because he suspected that it was skin cancer. He said that they would set up his appointment for him.

I told my husband what I had learned about frankincense so he eagerly agreed to use it. I applied it to what was now an open sore, and within the next several days we witnessed it decreasing in size and appearance. We believe that God our Father had His hand on this situation because we didn’t receive a call regarding the scheduled appointment until after the lump and open sore was healing. We continued to apply the frankincense and we are thankful to report that there is absolutely no evidence that anything was there!

Darla F., TX

“I am a firm believer in Frankincense. I carry it in my purse all the time. A couple of days ago my husband was out trimming the hedges when he got stung by a wasp. I grabbed the Frankincense and applied directly to the sting. He immediately started getting relief. We applied it a couple more times before bedtime and by morning the place was gone. Not even a tell-tale spot of where it had been. Now he too is a believer.”

Marie P., MO



Radio Show –

Frankincense — The Essential Oil that Changed the History of the World

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