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by Julie Behling-Hovdal on December 22, 2010

Healthy Teeth & Gums — Naturally

smile A Winning Smile    Oral Care & Essential Oils

Sparkling clean and white teeth, and healthy gums — who doesn’t want to feel confidant that when they smile, the world is smiling with them?  Good oral hygiene is an essential part of taking care of our appearance.  And not only that, science has shown that the health of our teeth and gums impacts the overall health of our body.  Bad oral hygiene and unresolved long-term dental problems are associated with a greater risk of such things as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In our society, we’ve been taught that putting toxic chemical concoctions in our mouth or going to the dentist for expensive procedures is the way to achieve good dental health.  Are there other things we can do to ensure that we’ll have a beautiful smile for decades to come?

What in the world are you putting in your mouth?

Next time you brush your teeth with a commercial toothpaste, notice the warning label on the back telling you to contact the poison control center if you swallow the toothpaste.  The problem is, you don’t need to actually swallow the toothpaste for the poisons in it to get into your system.  They can absorb directly into the bloodstream through the cheek lining.

Here are some common ingredients in the most popular toothpastes on the market –

Fluoride — An ingredient of rat poison that not only may not help to strengthen teeth, but has been linked to dental flourosis (chalky or brown discoloration and even brittleness of teeth), lowered IQ, hindered thyroid function, gastrointestinal issues, and even cancer.  Fluoride was reportedly added to the water in Nazi Concentration Camps as well as the Soviet Gulag (labor camps) to make the prisoners more complacent and easier to control.

Propylene glycol — A humectant or wetting agent that is essentially antifreeze, and can cause organ failure.

Sodium lauryl sulfate — A harsh detergent and engine degreaser commonly found in many personal care products that can cause eye damage, depression, and diarrhea.  When mixed with other chemicals, it can form nitrosamines that are cancer-causing.

Artificial colors — Made from coal tars, are carcinogenic and irritating, and can cause oxygen depletion.

If these substances were the only ones on the planet known to help clean the teeth and prevent tooth decay, that would be one thing.  But that is not the case.

Our diet of sugars and white breads = plentiful bacteria in our mouths

simple carbs A Winning Smile    Oral Care & Essential Oils

Bacteria feed off of the simple carbohydrates we put in our mouths.  And rampant bacteria in the mouth is what causes the enamel of our teeth to break down and cavities to form.  It’s also what causes gingivitis — inflammation of the gums.  So whatever you use in your mouth, you want it to be a safe and effective solution for killing bacteria.

And what about in a prolonged disaster or emergency?

Bad breath, gunky teeth, and its resultant issues — is this something anyone wants to deal with in the aftermath of a natural disaster or emergency?  And what about more serious dental issues — what if you can’t get to a dentist right away?

Thieves Essential Oil — My Oral Care Solution of Choice

Thieves2 A Winning Smile    Oral Care & Essential Oils

Thieves essential oil, as well as our oral care products made with Thieves, are completely non-toxic.  They can be used safely in the mouth, as they are even FDA approved for internal use!  Thieves is naturally antibacterial, with over 100 studies showing that it is effective even against gram-negative bacteria.  It is ideal for use in the mouth, as it naturally cuts down on the types of bacteria that cause plaque, and lead to tooth and gum problems.  It freshens the breath naturally, and can be useful for more serious problems including:

  • Toothache,
  • Abscessed tooth,
  • Cracked teeth,
  • Deep pockets in the gums,
  • And etc…!

Just apply a drop of Thieves to the affected area as needed.  Thieves is portable, concentrated, versatile, and has no expiration date.

For daily oral care, make your own natural, non-toxic toothpaste with a tsp. of baking soda and 3-4 drops of Thieves oil.  You will be amazed at how clean your mouth feels!!  For children, use less Thieves oil.

I personally use the non-toxic Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste on a daily basis, and my teeth have never been cleaner!  I don’t have to worry about calling the Poison Control Center if I accidentally ingest it!

In addition to regular flossing, the Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash is another great addition to a healthy oral care regimen.

And lastly, Thieves is a no-brainer for including in your emergency kit, as it works great to help with such things as cold & flu, infectious disease, getting rid of mold & mildew!

** Tip — For natural teeth-whitening, add 1 drop of Wintergreen essential oil to your Thieves toothpaste! **


Testimonials –

“While my father lost all his teeth at age 40 and my mother in her 50′s, I am now 56 and have all my own teeth. I recently went to the dentist for the first time in 5 years. With that lapse in servicing my teeth, the doc had scheduled a deep cleaning. I had been brushing my teeth with Thieves or peppermint for nearly three years. The dental told me there was nothing to clean, no tartar, etc and wanted to make sure she had the right client. She asked what I was using, so when I told her baking soda and therapeutic grade essential oils, she was silent. I was in and out of their office in 15 minutes.”

- Jayme H, AK

I want to share one of the uses I’ve found for Thieves. I have difficult teeth because many years ago I had a bike accident and loss several teeth. I now have a zillion crowns. One consequence is that I have “deep pockets” between my gums and many teeth. The dentist is forever trying to get me to pay tons of money to get my teeth deep cleaned. I tried it once and it doesn’t work. So I began rinsing once a night with a few drops of Thieves in a mouthful of water. By my next dentist appointment, 90% of the pockets were gone.

Hmmmmm. Thousands of dollars and hours in a dentist chair for periodontal work or a bottle of Thieves and a rinse every night? I’ll take the latter!”

- Anonymous

“I have many amalgams which have ended up cracking my teeth which then allows bacteria in and causes infection. As a result of the infection my dentist advised that a root canals were necessary on both of the problematic teeth. Having suffered the consequences of a root canal and two years of related health issues, I chose to have one tooth refilled and leave the other and use the Young Living essential oil blend Thieves to manage the infection and toothache. Three years later I still have the both the teeth and if at any time I have any problems on goes the Thieves.”

- Riga W, Queensland, Australia

“I’ve been using the Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste and mouth wash for about five months now and I notice today that my gums are regenerating! They’ve been receding for 18 years now.

I called my mom to tell her the good news and she said that hers were too! She’s using both products as well. Her gums are really REALLY bad. Some of her teeth are loose and twisting. The dentist gave her a brush to get in between her teeth and she told me tonight that it doesn’t fit in there anymore!”

- Rachel L, OH


Radio Show –

Healthy Teeth & Gums with Essential Oils

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