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In 1997-98 when I was in my early 20’s, I lived in Russia as a missionary.  I became more or less fluent in Russian, developed a connection with the people of Russia, and personally witnessed life in the aftermath of a Communist regime – the good and the bad.  I saw people embracing a new world with more freedoms and opportunities than before, and many who embraced faith.

During the decades of Soviet rule, Christians had been severely repressed.  Those who carried the flame of faith in God in their hearts during that time had to do so in silence, or else risk mockery, a second-class status, or worse.  As a missionary in Russia, I spoke to people every day about God and asked them if they believed in God and would like to know more.  I was surprised that in my year and a half speaking with probably a thousand people or more, I only encountered 2 people who claimed to be atheists.  The vast majority of people I spoke with professed some belief in God, or at least an openness to the possibility.  And there were a few people I met whose faith in God was deeply ingrained in them, more so than I had ever seen in my life.  80 years of atheism during Communist rule made its mark, for sure.  But it did not destroy the faith of the people over the long-term.

When I returned back home to America, I got a dual Master’s in Russian Language & Literature (Slavic) and Russian & East European Studies at Florida State University.  I felt inspired to write my Master’s thesis on underground Christian movements in the Soviet Union, the tactics of the Soviet state to stamp them out, and their tactics to survive and sometimes even thrive.

I always felt there was some purpose for me to undertake this challenging task.  A thesis wasn’t required for me to graduate, but I felt compelled to delve into this topic regardless.  Some of the material I used for my thesis I had obtained first-hand when studying abroad in Moscow in 2002.  One evening, the group from my university had tickets to the Bolshoi Theater.  For some reason, my seat ended up being separate from the rest of the group.  I sat down alone and ended up striking up a conversation with the Russian guy next to me before the ballet began. Of all things, it turned out he was a member of the very underground Pentecostal church I was researching for my thesis!  This church was still operating underground in 2002, but he was able to get me in to participate in one of their services.  I was given documents about their history that I was able to translate and use in my thesis.  I had the pleasant experience of meeting and talking with some Russian Baptists and Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was there that summer, as well. 

Over the next two years, I wrote my thesis.  I defended it in 2004, then placed all my materials in a couple of boxes and didn’t touch it for years.  Then one day about 5 years later, I began to see some disturbing things in our news – a militarized raid with tanks showing up at the gates of an unpopular religious fringe group, and all children taken from their parents and put in foster care, with no specific allegations against anyone.  This entire religious group was denied due process and given the same type of treatment I had seen happen to the oppressed religious minorities of the USSR.  As I looked further, I saw that the state of Christianity in America was not good, and much to my surprise, in some ways strikingly similar to what I studied for 2 years and wrote about in my Master’s thesis on Christianity in the USSR.

I spent the better part of 2011 writing this book, but then I never completely finished or published it.  Recently, I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer for the “right time”, and that I had to complete the book and get it out there now. 

With Beneath Sheep’s Clothing, my goal is not to sow fear, but to open eyes as to the patterns of how the world’s premier Communist regime systematically sought to destroy, dismantle, and also co-opt Christianity for the purpose of setting up a totalitarian society devoid of the belief in God.  I hope to show you how these very same tactics have been in use in America for a hundred years or more.  Knowledge is power.  Once we can see these tactics in operation, there are surprisingly simple steps we can take to outmaneuver them. My hope is that the information in this book is shared far and wide, and that it contributes to an awakening among both Christians and other freedom-loving people in America and beyond!

Because right now, to me it feels like time is of the essence in getting this information out, I am releasing Part I of Beneath Sheep’s Clothing before the rest of the book is completely finished. This section is about 14,000 words long, details the tactics that the Soviet State took to demolish religion and faith, and has several images I obtained from the world’s only archive of the persecuted Soviet Christians – the Keston Institute.

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Part II of Beneath Sheep’s Clothing details the very same Communist tactics to destroy religion and faith at play here in America. Part III discusses what we can do to counter this onslaught of anti-God and anti-faith societal trends. These sections will be completed in October 2021. Once you purchase Part I, I will have your email address attached to your PayPal account and will email you when the rest of the book is available.