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energy article Renewing Your Essential Energy with Young Living Essential Oils

We are energy. Everything around us is energy – food, sunlight, water, movement, animals, earth, thoughts, people, nature, and yes even essential oils. Everything is energy! Energy comes from either fear or love and every moment we make the choice what energy to have around us as we are filling or draining our life energy.

We are electrical beings and our energy can be measured by EKG, MRI, and EEG. This energy is also called “chi” or “ki” or “life force” and is visible in our chakras which are spinning energy centers of our electromagnetic field. The frequency of a healthy body is 78MHz, we begin to get sick at 58MHz and death begins at 25MHz. So you can see how important it is to keep our body frequencies as high as possible.

The electrical energy of the earth constantly surrounds us and conducts energy from our feet to the top of our head. The earth’s electrons and electrical fields are essential to our healthy immune systems, circulation and synchronization of biorhythms. Many people practice “grounding” to stay connected to the frequencies of the earth. We are filled with electricity and it surrounds our body approximately six inches out, which is why we can feel something entering our energy field before it actually touches our skin.

Our frequencies are altered by stress, toxins, cell phones, foods, alcohol, coffee, drugs, petrochemicals, and thoughts. Cell phones are constantly emitting radiation, which is transferred to us when we wear them or worse yet put them next to our ear and brain. It is better to put the phone on a table and use the speaker because when the phone gets hot it is emitting harmful thermal energy.

Just holding a cup of coffee will lower your body frequency down to 58MHz and keep it lowered for 3 days. However if you use an essential oil, your frequency immediately returns to its previous level. Sicknesses such as colds and flu and candida overgrowth begin at 57MHz, and cancer takes hold when the body frequencies drop to 42MHz.

Thoughts are energy also. What we say aloud and how we think influences the frequencies of our body, mind, and spirit. Negative thoughts will lower your frequency by 12MHz within three seconds. Of course positive thoughts can reverse this by 10MHz, however it takes 21 seconds – 18 seconds longer to elevate than it did to come down! You see the importance of positive thinking in keeping us healthy both physically and emotionally! Another way to raise frequencies is by prayer, which will raise your frequencies by 15MHz. It is imperative to keep our frequency high because a drop of just 3MHz can lead to a headache, and 10MHz to a migraine.

Essential oils contain living energies and vibrational frequencies that greatly affect our physical and energetic bodies. They can also aid in removing blockages, balancing subtle energies, and enhancing perceptions that enable us to feel at one with our spirits. Healers and seekers through the centuries have used essential oils and aromatherapy to help with focus and create sacred spaces that enhance ability to connect with a higher spiritual source. Frankincense was diffused or burned constantly in the ancient Jewish temples to raise spiritual awareness.

body and oil frequencies Renewing Your Essential Energy with Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils from Young Living contain the unadulterated, pure energy of the plants. Using them will raise our vibrational frequencies, help us align our chakras, balance the body systems, and enhance the transformation of our mind and spirit.

Oils with lower MHz are closer to our body range of 70-78MHz, and assist in bringing physical changes. Middle range oils are for emotional well-being, and the higher ranges bring greater spiritual awareness. Here are some Young Living essential oils and blends that will enhance your energy renewal experience and raise body frequencies.

Acceptance contains frankincense, sandalwood, blue tansy, coriander and geranium. At 102MHz, this oil blend will encourage feelings of self-worth and help overcome denial and procrastination.

Brain Power is high in sesquiterpenes like sandalwood, blue cypress and frankincense, and gives your mind a boost, clarifies thoughts and develops greater focus. Put around the ears and neck after using a cell phone to return body frequencies to normal -  78MHz.

Clarity contains basil, rosemary and peppermint to promote a clear mind and restore alertness. At 101MHz, this blend will help give you direction and help you find your niche in life.

Forgiveness enhances the ability to forgive yourself and others, as well as letting go of negative emotions so that you are primed for personal growth. At 192MHz, the oils in this blend are melissa, angelica, bergamot, geranium, lavender ylang ylang, frankincense, lemon palmarosa, jasmine and helichrysum.

Humility helps to remove negative emotions like anger, stress, sadness, and arrogance that block us from being teachable. At 88MHz, it also allows us to forgive and come to a deeper spiritual awareness where healing, awareness and love can develop.

Inspiration measures at 141MHz.  This oil blend opens the heart and mind, enabling you to ask for spiritual direction and helps increase your ability to hear the answers. The oils in this blend are specifics for enhancing prayer, meditation and inner awareness. The oils present are cedarwood, myrtle, mugwort, spruce, sandalwood and frankincense.

Joy is an uplifting blend measuring at 188MHz, comprised of bergamot, lemon, ylang ylang, mandarin, and rose. It helps bring happiness to your heart.

Joy oil displayed crop 293x300 Renewing Your Essential Energy with Young Living Essential Oils

Idaho blue spruce is a very special oil that registers in at 580MHz, the highest frequency of essential oil available. It helps us move through trapped emotional trauma and stress that can make us literally ill. It clears receptor sites clogged with toxins, and allows the pineal gland to heal.

Motivation helps to overcome procrastination with Roman chamomile, spruce, ylang ylang and lavender. At 103MHz, it enhances your ability to move forward in a positive direction, and promotes feelings of action and accomplishment.

PanAway containing wintergreen, clove, helichrysum and peppermint aids the body’s natural response to irritation, inflammation, pain, and injury, and measures at 112MHz.

Peace & Calming is a deeply relaxing blend of tangerine, ylang ylang, blue tansy, orange and patchouli that registers 105MHz.  It assists with relaxing during meditation or with getting a good night’s sleep.

Release essential oil blend is at 102MHz, and contains sandalwood, ylang ylang and geranium to facilitate letting go of anger and frustration while promoting harmony and balance in mind and body.

Sacred Mountain is a blend of spruce, Idaho balsam fir, ylang ylang and cedarwood. At 176MHz, it represents the point of communication between the human and the Divine, while creating physical and emotional alignments to communicate with your Higher Power at a spiritual level.

Thieves will help defend and protect your body from viruses and bacteria. At 150MHz, this clove, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus blend will also help support your immune system.

Valor is known especially for balancing the body’s electrical energy, and this empowering scent also promotes strength, courage and protection. Spruce, blue tansy and frankincense align the energies of the body. At 47MHz, don’t be surprised at this lower frequency because it is the same frequency as our skeletal system, which is why Valor is often referred to as “chiropractor in a bottle”!

White Angelica is a protective blend at 89MHz that contains 18 special oils including melissa, bergamot, geranium, ylang ylang, rose, myrrh, sandalwood and hyssop oils.  Both in ancient times and today, this beautiful blend has promoted feelings of protection, security, and increased spiritual growth while guarding against negative energy.

Julie inhale oil edit 300x230 Renewing Your Essential Energy with Young Living Essential Oils

To use essential oils while meditating, drop the essential oil into the palm of your non-dominant hand, using your dominant index finger swirl the oil three times in a clockwise motion. This will activate the oil and join your frequencies. You can apply the oil anywhere you feel led to apply it, such as the wrist, heart, or neck. Then rub your palms together, cup your nose and inhale, while breathing in the peace and healing God put into the plants. Meditation is best done the same time every day so your body gets into a pattern of relaxing and unwinding.

You can inhale the oil from the bottle or start your diffuser while you state affirmations; this will help imprint them in your mind. I like to diffuse Clarity in my office while concentrating on absorbing information or writing.

Many who practice yoga are beginning to see the benefits of using essential oils to lower stress, tone the endocrine glands, and improve physical strength and mental focus. The book Aroma Yoga is an excellent guide to using essential oils during your yoga practice.

Reiki practitioners often use essential oils during a session. The oils can be diffused in the healing room; the practitioner can anoint themselves with Valor or White Angelica for protection before treatments. Using a specific oil very purposefully with a client dealing with an emotional or physical issue is very powerful and healing. Using oils on the practitioner’s hands so the energy flows through the oils before reaching the receiver is another unique way to combine essential oils and Reiki.

Young Living essential oils can be applied to any of your chakra energy centers such as crown of the head, forehead, heart and stomach. Your wrists, ears, bottom of the feet and back of the neck are also excellent places to apply. You can rub your hands together, cup your nose and inhale, as well as use a cold air diffuser in your office, home or beside your bed.

Lower energy frequencies cannot exist around higher frequencies, so when used consistently, essential oils can help restore our bodies to a natural energetic state of well-being, while helping to reduce stress, strengthen our immune system and calm our nervous system. You will feel a new balance and centeredness when using essential oils with intention on a daily basis to anoint yourself and your loved ones. Use during your meditation or yoga practice, use while repeating your affirmations, while diffusing in your home or office, and applying or diffusing before bedtime. Remember, healing is brought by your intention to heal, through the love you extend, and the powerful energy of the vibrational universe.

Blessings for higher frequencies, healing, and energy for the Journey of Life!


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Judy Shewmake 300x237 Renewing Your Essential Energy with Young Living Essential OilsJudy Shewmake has been married to Tom for 36 years, is a mother of four young adults, and grandma to three adorable little ones. As an Independent Distributor for Young Living she uses these essential oils with four generations of her family. A Health & Wellness Consultant and training to be a Biofeedback Specialist, Judy also facilitates AromaExperience as well as writing and sharing healing and energy experiences on the journey of life. Follow her  at   or on Facebook.


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