Today in America, we are living in a time of war.

Our country has been invaded by Communist forces that are training America’s school children to become Marxist revolutionaries.  Our churches are infiltrated by wolves in sheep’s clothing.  And the bedrock ideologies upon which America was founded have been weakened to the point that they will die off with the older generations.

This is not fiction. This is a wake-up call to the American people – to everyone with children in schools, to Christians, and to anyone who cares about freedom.

The Soviet regime notoriously brainwashed its populace through its government-run schools and the media.  It was ruthless in its treatment of Christians who didn’t comply.  And it infiltrated its churches with KGB agents cloaked as clergy.

Over a century ago, the communist playbook took root on American soil. It appears to be close to reaching a pinnacle, after which there will be nothing to be done.  America will fall to totalitarian rule.

But not if we do something about it.

Now is not a time for complacency. It’s not a time to mind our own business or fear rocking the boat. Unless we are OK with the destruction of our free nation, the time is NOW to intimately understand the playbook of the enemy so we can foil the ravenous communist machine that has taken hold of our children, our churches, and our society!


By: Julie Behling

Print length – 384 pages

Language – English

Dimensions – 6 inches x 9 inches x .87 inches

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“Beneath Sheep’s Clothing” paperback book, autographed

You will find value in reading this book and looking at its content. This is what the left, progressive, socialist, and Communist regimes are trying to do to our great nation. Marxism is being thought to our children on a daily routine, without our knowledge or permission. They are indoctrinating our children to try to weaponize them against us. Do not all this happen. Fight back with every being in your body.


This is an amazingly well-written wake up call for Americans and the world. Julie has thoroughly documented the infiltration, injustices, and trends that we all need to be aware of so that we can create a better world rooted in freedom, sovereignty, unity, and mutual respect. The time is now to take heed of the warning signs and red flags all around us, that Julie brings to light. This is an incredibly timely book full of vital information that everyone needs to take seriously because it’s just too important to ignore.


What a thoroughly researched resource for all truth seekers! 

I wish I had this book about a decade ago. I feel I have lived right in the middle of the trends she describes, but have not become well informed in the communistic tactics right under my nose, until I dug deeply into Julie’s chapters, and pondered and reflected on what I have been witnessing for so long. This book spurs us to action, well prepared to make a difference in our own circle of influence. 


Pornographic content in books in public school libraries.

Skyrocketing numbers of children and youth who identify as “queer” or trans.

Traditional American values are thought of as not just old-fashioned and backward, but dangerous.

Everything is “racist”.

What do all of these things have in common?  You may be surprised to learn that it is MARXISM.

In “Beneath Sheep’s Clothing”, you will be made intimately aware of the tactics of communist infiltrators.  Only when we understand how this infiltration of our culture has taken place are we able to clearly see the steps we must take to root Marxist elements out before it’s too late!

“Beneath Sheep’s Clothing” paperback book, autographed


Julie Behling

Julie was a missionary in Russia in the late 90’s and attended graduate school at Florida State University from 2000-2004 pursuing a dual master’s degree in Russian Languages & Literature (Slavic) and Russian & East European Studies. She taught beginning and intermediate Russian for three of those years and wrote her master’s thesis on underground Christian movements in the Soviet Union, their survival tactics, and the tactics of the Soviet State to stamp them out.

After completing graduate school, Julie turned her focus to healing herself from two autoimmune illnesses with which she had been partially disabled. Through the years, she has been a reflexologist and holistic healer, health preparedness blogger, vlogger, and podcaster, health freedom advocate, Young Living Essential Oils Brand Partner, and homeschool mom. She began delving into current events in 2010 and has been a proactive voice for liberty since that time. Today she resides in Utah with her son and two cats.


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