Why I’m Not Scared of the Measles & Won’t Vaccinate My Child

by Julie Behling-Hovdal on April 16, 2014

Measles pic article Why Im Not Scared of the Measles & Wont Vaccinate My Child

I spend more time than I would like to admit on Facebook.  Not only is it part of my work to interact and share with people on social media, but I find it interesting to see what old friends are up to.  Over the past few weeks one major controversy that has gotten a LOT of coverage in my Facebook feed is the the whole measles outbreak/vaccine debacle.

We are seeing a level of hysteria over some small measles outbreaks around the country, with some people blaming “vaccine-deniers”.  On the other hand, those who question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines are quick to share their opposing views.

Anyone who has read any of my previous articles on vaccines or sees me express my personal views on vaccines through Facebook already knows that I have some serious reservations about this long-hailed medical cure-all.

I have put in some time researching the topic of vaccines, though I certainly don’t claim to have all the facts.  Honestly, I don’t believe anyone who hasn’t stuck their nose in the science and data behind vaccines and their possible negative effects has much of a right to proclaim a solid opinion on the matter.

One of the things that annoys me most about the vaccine debate is one-sided, sensational articles that use scare tactics and appeal to society’s deep-seated drive to protect children from harm but leave out important information.

In this article I will share some data that I dug up, why for my future children (including my baby due in July) I will opt out of vaccines, and what types of steps I will take rather than vaccines to promote immune health in my offspring.

Are Vaccines Safe & Effective For Everyone?

If there is one huge fallacy in the vaccine debate it is the idea that vaccines are safe and effective, period.  And anyone who would consider opting out of vaccines is a crazy, nut-job who is recklessly endangering society.

So let me address the claims that recent measles outbreaks in various places in the U.S. must be caused by vaccine deniers.  To start off with, let me say that mainstream authorities themselves ADMIT that “Vaccination [against measles] protects >90% of recipients against disease” (1) .   In one recent outbreak, it was a fully vaccinated individual who caught the disease and spread it around to others, including other fully vaccinated individuals (2).

Next, if these measles outbreaks were primarily due to non-vaccinators, wouldn’t we expect to see higher rates of measles in populations where less people are vaccinated?  Where are the measles outbreaks amongst the mostly unvaccinated Amish?   From the articles I have seen, most of these outbreaks were started with vaccinated individuals who had traveled abroad and been exposed. And the majority of the people subsequently becoming ill had previously been vaccinated themselves.

It is admitted that measles was under control in this country before vaccines were introduced.  A scientific study funded by the CDC and published in the Oxford Journal of Infectious Disease admits that measles deaths in the U.S. went down significantly well before the vaccine was on the scene -

“In the United States, mortality from measles decreased from 25 per 1000 reported cases in 1912 [209, 210] to 1 per 1000 reported cases in 1962 [211]. In New York State, measles mortality decreased by >15-fold long before the introduction of measles vaccination (figure 2) [212].”  (emphasis added) (3)

This same article also, incidentally, admits that the measles vaccine administered for 5 years in the 60′s CAUSED measles -

“Atypical measles occurred in children who received formalin-inactivated (killed) measles vaccine that was in use in the United States from 1963 to 1968 [34]. These children developed high fever, a rash that was most prominent on the extremities and often included petechiae, and a high rate of pneumonitis.” (4)

What is at the core of today’s measles outbreaks if not the supposed irresponsibility of vaccine deniers?  I believe that there is no 100% effective way to prevent any given disease, but we can dramatically improve our chances of avoiding diseases like the measles and their serious complications through:

1) Proper quarantining of those who become infected and practicing good hygiene and sanitation,

2) Ditching our unhealthy American lifestyle that weakens the immune system and replacing it with an immune-healthy lifestyle, and

3) Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, no longer relying on a prick of a needle to keep you safe from infectious disease.

The CDC-funded article in the Oxford Journal of Infectious Disease outlines the major causes of measles infection and complication.  These are crowded and unsanitary living conditions, malnourishment, immunosuppression (born to HIV positive mother, organ transplant), and living in a place where no treatment for secondary pneumonia infection is available.  Interestingly, the article points out the following simple and inexpensive treatment for measles -

“Hospitalized US measles patients frequently have deficiencies in vitamin A; these children are more likely to have pneumonia or diarrhea after measles [73, 199, 200]. In countries with high measles mortality, treatment with vitamin A once daily for 2 days (200,000 IU for children ⩾12 months of age or 100,000 IU for infants <12 months) is associated with an ~50% reduction in mortality [196, 201203].” (emphasis added) (5)

There is no contest.  The vaccines are clearly not 100% effective.  A case of measles is not a death sentence, particularly where basic nourishment, hygiene, and medical care are available such as in the U.S.  There is also plenty of evidence that measles vaccines are not 100% safe and can bring some serious problems of their own.

Which is Worse – Measles or Measles Vaccine Damage?

This last week I decided I wanted to find out for myself how many people have died and had complications due to measles, and how many have died and had complications due to the measles vaccine in recent years in the U.S.

Here are some measles statistics I found reported in the Oxford Journal of Infectious Disease -

  • There were 67,032 recorded cases of measles in the U.S. between 1987-2000,
  • Of these, 19,780 patients (29.1% of those infected) experienced complications including diarrhea, ear infection, pneumonia, encephalitis, and others,
  • Of these complications, there were 12,876 hospitalizations and 177 deaths (0.3% of cases). (6)

According to VAERS, the vaccine injury database, here are the statistics of deaths and complications from all the variants of the measles vaccine, MMR being most common, between 1990 and March 2014. Let me also add that experts estimate these numbers to actually be 10X higher because of a lack of reporting -

  • There were 69,844 reported negative reactions to measles vaccines (MMR, MMRV, and other variants of measles vaccine) between 1990 and March 2014 (true number is closer to 698,440),
  • Of these, there were 5536 reported hospitalizations (true number closer to 55,360),
  • There were 1340 people, primarily children and babies, reported permanently disabled (true number closer to 13,400).  Some people reported permanent bowel problems, deafness, autoimmune illness, etc…
  • There were 375 reported deaths from the measles vaccine (true number closer to 3,750). (7)

Why I Won’t Vaccinate My Child

I believe it behooves all of us to look at information such as this and make informed decisions for ourselves and our families.  My parents decided to fully vaccinate me.  As I have shared in previous blog posts, I have personally had some bad reactions to vaccines including permanently damaged muscle and reduced range of motion in my left shoulder from a DPT shot, almost passing out and then becoming sick for days after getting boosters for MMR, DPT, and polio along with Hepatitis A & B vaccines all within a couple of minutes when I was 22, and then developing severe autoimmune problems and spending 6 years of my life in my 20′s unable to work full-time, exercise, or have a normal life due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia.  Experts agree that vaccines make a person more susceptible to autoimmune disease.

Because of my personal bad experiences with vaccines as well as the knowledge and experience I have built over these last few years in how to build immunity from the ground up and use natural solutions such as essential oils for infectious disease, I have no reservations in choosing to not vaccinate my child when he is born.

I will do so knowing I am taking a risk that my child could potentially be exposed to and develop some of these diseases.  But I would much rather face that risk armed with my arsenal of good nutrition, natural antibiotics and antivirals, homeopathy, and advice from my wonderful holistic doctor than the more scary, more unknown, and quite frankly more deadly risk of vaccine complication that I know my child will be susceptible to because he is my child.

Do your research.  Don’t let anyone, any doctor, any article, or anything make you feel wrong for researching the issues yourself, talking to people with differing opinions, and using good judgment and discernment to make an informed choice for yourself and your family.

 Be well!!

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